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I'm an Illustrator nooby!

sign chick

New Member
I recently acquired Illustrator and am still trying to figure it out. The problem I'm having right now is moving images from Graphix Advantage to it. In GA, I click EXPORT and tell it to convert the image to an .ai format. Then I go to Illustrator and click OPEN and even though it says it's open, I can't see it. I tried clicking SELECT ALL and it says it's selected but there's nothing there.

I also tried exporting it as an .eps. I can't OPEN the .eps in Illustrator but I can PLACE it in. The problem was, when I did that yesterday, I saved it as an .ai and emailed it. They couldn't open it; said it just came out gray.

Any advice? I'm an Illustrator nooby! Forgive me!

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
A couple of things to try:

1. GA export is probably not assigning colors. Open the AI in Illustrator and turn off the preview to see if the vectors are there. If they are, then select them individually and assign color fills.

2. Omega, at least, seems to prefer foils over vinyl colors when exporting. Set the job up in GA as if it was an Edge print and export it as AI. Open in Illustrator and see what you have and go from there.

Hope this helps.


New Member
Everybody is a newby at one point or another in whatever they undertake. So dont apologise.

Open your GA exported .ai file in Illustrator. In Illustrator, zoom out ... wayyyyyyyy out. Chances are you will see your artwork tuckep up somewhere on the page.

I dont know why it does that .. but it does!

Colors always change when you export from Illustrator to GA and vice versa. As far as your customer (im assuming) not being able to see the file. Look closely at the save options that are available to you when you see the save menu apear.

If its just for visual confirmation of a layout, i always send my customers a .jpg file since this is most common file type accross any software platform. Great thing with illustrator is the ability to export whatever you created to a .jpg file, works great!

Dont hesitate to ask if you have anymore questions about Illustrator.

Spud Murphy

New Member
Sometimes when you export a file into illustrator (often when saved as PDF compatible) or paths exported from Photoshop (save paths to Illustrator) Art will be exported with a clipping mask, sometimes exported white, making it invisible. If you can see the image in preview try: Select All-Object menu-Clipping Mask-Release... I'm probably wrong