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I'm having some problems with corel draw graphics suite 12




i'v got my corel draw graphics suite 12 of the ebay and it. I run full installation of it on my Windows XP based computer. When i'm desiging anything in it and moving a screen or zooming in or out after a few minutes of work all my artwork becomes "invisible". You can't see it at all in any view option but you can "select it", save it and after restrating a software i'm able to open it ok but again after some designing work same story. Anyone knows that is the problem? I cant think of anything but because it is a dell laptop computer with 256 ram? (but should be enough for just basic vector stuff)


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are you zooming so fast you get really big? or really tiny? Or when you ZOOM does the image move away from the center of your screen?

Thats what it sounds like. Corel 12 is so stable id be surprised it is somethign else.


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I've crashed corel 12 a couple of times, but not on simple graphics. I'd put it down to your laptop. Try it on a desktop?


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I have the same problem with Corel 12. I had Corel 10 before with no problem. I usually go to view, switch to wireframe, then switch back to enchanced view.

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Its simple do alt+v then "w" then alt+v then "e" also try using the navigator (at the bottom right side of your toolbar there is a white box right click it hold it down that is your navigation window) to move your workspace around. Also you really need more ram

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I have found CorelDRAW 12 to be pretty buggy.

The GIF image I attached is an error message that I can bring up at will on a variety of computers I have tested, which includes Dell and non-Dell branded desktops and notebooks. So please, no one hand me the "it's probably just your machine" line. This error message pops up regardless of build (it happens with the vanilla install off the CD and the subsequent patch from Corel's website).

Once the Corel A.R.M. notice pops up, it will continue to pop up even after CorelDRAW 12 is closed. You have to reboot to get rid of it. Further, the Corel A.R.M. wizard apparently does nothing to fix the instability that caused it to launch.

The easiest way to bring it up is by setting some text, converting it outlines, breaking it apart and then using the arrow keys to manually nudge the characters around. CDR 12 really doesn't like .001" nudge increments.

When Corel12 can manage to stay stable there are maddening things one can encounter within the interface.

The folks at Corel pulled a Microsoft style stunt with the alignment functions: they complicated the menu flyouts further and added more clicks to get simple things done.

I hate it that Corel never adopted the Ctrl, Alt & Spacebar shortcut keys for zooming in/out and hand panning that most other graphics apps use. But I was able to live with Corel 9 and items like the one-shot zoom tool. That's gone in Corel12.

I've complained about the quality of the contour and convert object to outline effects in Corel 9. I was really amazed to see the quality of those effects get quite a bit worse and even more loaded with control points and errors than I saw in version 9.

There are only a few things I like about Corel 12, such as support of Asian type and unicode text. The snapping behaviors in CDR 12 are a lot better than version 9. There were some text oriented bugs with version 9 that made it risky to use with good amount of Postscript Type 1 type. That's not a problem with version 12. But that screwy nudge bug and other interface changes has me defer to 9 pretty often when I need to use CorelDRAW.

But overall the problems with Corel and the company's seeming inability to fix a lot of problems long present in the application have me doing as much as possible in IllustratorCS2. That's one drawing app I've never crashed. In fact none of my CS2 apps have crashed.


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I cannot duplicate your challange.
However, you said plain vanilla install. So I would guess you are using all the default settings.

Nudging uses lots of memory because you are creating a load of undo's if you move it 99 times which is just a very small actual distance. (less than 1/8 of an inch)

Set your number of Undo from a default of 99 down to around 25. That will use loads less memory which is a usual cause of program instability. This is not a problem with Corel alone. A load of other graphic programs have the same challange. So, its not always the program that causes the faults.


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Have You Tried Going To Your Zoom Levels And Clicking On "to Page", Whenever This Happens?.......it Might Help.

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Techman, the default CorelDRAW 12 install is 20 levels of undo; already under 25 (and well under the 99 levels default I saw in CorelDRAW 9).

Messing around with page zooms doesn't seem to do anything once that Corel A.R.M. thing rears its ugly head. The only choice is to shut down everything and reboot.

Just a few minutes ago, I was editing some text in CorelDRAW 12 and wanted to hit "Save As" so I could choose version 9 format. It wouldn't let me. I hit the regular save button and then clicked the "X" button to close the app. I got hit with the nice notice box attached to this post.

I think Corel is really going to have to get its act together for version 13. The upgrade is already overdue (based on their previous upgrade timeline). But it would be better for them to make a solid upgrade rather than rushing a buggy version to market. If they do the latter, they're just going to keep shedding more users to Adobe.


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Nothing new . . . .

I've been using Corel for quite some time and it usually comes down to what you're doing on screen that overloads the volitile memory of your machine (256 is way not enough for Corel).

Problem #1 - Converting polygons, text outlines etc. to objects inevitably causes the file to quadruple it's size. The best fix is to highlight the object and use the node reduction tool.

Problem #2 - View mode, occasionally if you are using a pointing device other than a mouse, the view mode will change from enhanced to wireframe, (this one still baffles me) if you have no outlines or they are white or transparent, you will not be able to see the objects.

Problem #3 - Welding, Cutting and Trimming, doing any of these with a white or transparent object will result in a white or transparent object (provided the later object is white or transparent.

Problem #4 - Broken or overlapped vectors, often as the result of a function, Corel will open a vector or overlap it causing the vector to not fill thus becoming transparent until you view it in wireframe mode. Try simplifying your vectors by reducing nodes prior to completing operations and you should see a huge improvement.

In short, simplify your vectors whenever possible and wait until you have a completed design to apply your final colors if possible, always work with color fills, never transparencies unless you are aligning objects.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
After 15 years of using CorelDRAW, I have learned many workarounds through various releases of the product. Over the past few years I find the overall quality of the program has declined. Newer versions may have more features, but more and more bugs have also come along for the ride. IMHO, CorelDRAW 8 was the last really good upgrade of the program.

The machine on which I use CorelDRAW 12 has 2GB of 533MHz DDR2 SDRAM, a 256MB GeForce 6800 video card a 250GB SATA hard disc and a Pentium D 840 CPU with two 3.2GHz processor cores (WinXP Pro SP2 operating system). I have 512MB of memory devoted to Corel. That should be more than enough horsepower in hardware to run Corel 12 in a fast and stable manner.

Overall, I think it sucks how lots of mainstream graphics applications have become so greedy for hard drive space and RAM. I have attached two pictures to this post. One shows my Photoshop 2.5 box and install discs. The other is my Adobe Creative Suite 2 box and install discs. I think the photos speak for themselves.


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