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Images don't show up

sign chick

New Member
Here's a question that's probably elementary. I've been using only Graphix Advantage - nothing else - for many years and just recently finally got Photoshop. WooHoo! I'm going to be able to do all kinds of crazy things! As soon as I learn how to use it. I've been going through the "help" section and found a couple of tutorials on the 'net but I can't seem to figure out why it is when I convert a file to .ai or .eps in GA and Open or Place it in Photoshop that it doesn't show up. I think that the program thinks it's there, though. What gives?

Eventually I'm sure I'll do most, if not all, designing in Photoshop first then moving it to GA, but for now I'm sticking mostly with GA cuz I know it inside 'n' out.


Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
The AI and EPS export in Graphix Advantage was always okay for vectors but didn't handle other aspects very well. For one thing I recall it liked to place the vectors way off to the northwest of the page when you'd open them in Illustrator. It also was very good at not getting the centers of shapes within shapes correctly preserved as holes.

I never had a lot of success going straight from AI export to bringing the job into Photoshop and always used an intermediate application to insure the correct setup of the file. These issues were pretty much resolved with the release of the new import/export filters from Omega 1.56 and higher versions.


Certified Enneadecagon Designer
If I remember correcty, I could never diirectly open an .ai or .eps from GA, one quick fiix might be investing in CorelDraw even an older version (I have seen V.9 for 99 bucks), will allow you to transfer it into a .tiff. ootherwise you have to do a screen shot. :(
I know you have heard this before, but Graphics Advantage is a very cumbersome program, I think when you start working in Illustrator or Corel, you will be suprised at the difference, and you can move your files where ever you need to.


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Opening an .ai or .eps from GA will require you to import it. works fine for the vector shapes but colors get changed quite a bit.

Same thing when you export your .plt file to .ai or .eps, shapes are ok but colors are not.

The only way i know to import vector art into photoshop is to copy your shapes from Illustrator (by either selecting "copy" from the menu or hitting "ctrl,c") and pasting them into photoshop (either by selecting "paste" from the menu or hitting "ctrl,v"). Photoshop will then promt you as to how you want it pasted, as pixels - as paths - as a shape layer. Select "as paths", your vector art will now apear under the paths menu.

If you Try to open a vector .eps or .ai file into photoshop, it will want to rasterize it (convert it to pixels) and will give you options on resolution settings and so forth. Wich is not what you want.

I would advise you to do your initial layout in GA, export it as an .eps or .ai, open it in illustrator then copy and paste into photoshop to add all your eye candy (wich is also the name of a plug-in you should get to go with photoshop).

As far working with your vectors and converting them to selections within layers in photoshop you should really consider getting a book. You'd be up and running faster than trying to get bits of information from people everytime you want to know something. The best book for it in my opinion is "Adobe Photoshop Classroom in a Book".

Good luck :)

Ian Stewart-Koster

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Hi, it's been a while since I did that, but I've not had any problems placing eps files into a psd photoshop file.
You MUST hit the enter button after placing it to get rid of the big box with the X on it.
From memory, it may appear invisible because you are still on the layer you were on before you placed the eps file, and if you open your layers pallette (under windows drop down menu) and then find the layer with the eps file, and click on it, it's there.
It needs to have a colour to be able to see it, but you can then select it and alter the colour etc.
I've used it to merge vector clip art with a collage of jpg photos, and make the eps file a slightly transparent grey as a watermark over the whole page.

I just tried it with an ai file and it worked OK. The file was black, but it placed as a mid grey. It's easy to darken it by selecting the background with the magic wand, taking the inverse, and adjusting the contrast of it.
best wishes