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Importing PDF Files

I am using Gerber Omega 2.1 with Windows 98SE and can't import
PDF files into the program. What can I do? Buying Illustrator CS is
not an option as it isn't supported by SE. Any other ideas?

Steve Shearer
Applied Graphics
Cody, Wyoming

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
I have had mixed success importing PDF fles into Omega 2.1 on Windows 98SE. Mostly successful. You are best off looking at the file in Adobe Reader prior to importing in Omega so you know what you're looking for and, in the case of multi-page PDF's, which page it is on.

I more often open the PDF in Adobe Illustrator 10, which does run on Win 98, and save what I need from there. Coreldraw also opens PDF files.

The thing to bear in mind is that Omega will have the same limitations in reading an Omega unsupported effect in a PDF file that it has in reading it in an EPS or AI file. If someone uses, for example, a gradient mesh in Illustrator and saves it as a PDF, Omega will struggle with it. But the same will be true if it is saved as an EPS.


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I'll preface this with the fact that I don't know nuthin' about Windows or Omega.

bbbbbuuuut back in the olden days, working on a Mac platform, I would print problem files to a postscript file. Of course, the resulting PS file was built based on how well the printer would interpret the orginal document. Simple stuff, could usually be gleaned from the PS file in a graphics program. I would rebuild the more complicated stuff. ...and fonts are always an issue.

Is that possible on a Windows machine?... When I try that trick at work (on a WinTel machine), I just get a PRN file. I'm woking on the assumption that all laser printers are postscript.

But again, I don't know nuthin' about nuthin'... just throwin' out bones....



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In some cases you may be able to open the file in Photoshop and save as TIF or other more acceptable format. Just watch when opening that you tell it what target resolution you want and preferred color specs (RGB, CMYK etc.). It's worked for us on the printing (I'm a commercial printer by trade) end of things, and saved many headaches.


Tony Teveris

New Member
Steve you can send me the file and I'll send you an Omega 2.1 PLT file. I'm out of the office today but will be in the rest of the week.
Thank you all for your suggestions. I know that upgrading my operating
system to Windows XP is the way to go, but by doing so I would
have to buy a new scanner; paper printer; CorelDraw, etc. At this point
it is too cost prohibitive to do all.
Tony: I know that you can convert this file for me, but that won't cure my problem on the next one I get though I really do appreciate the efforts on this.

Steve Shearer


New Member
I hate to say it but you must up grade or you will start having more and more of these of problems as time goes on.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
If you're not afraid of the learning curve, you could download a copy of Ghostscript and the GS Viewer. There are a number of Ghostscript based scripts for opening Acrobat PDF files and converting them over to EPS .ps files. Even if you can figure out how to use the program you can still get some strange results.

The best bet for opening PDFs by far is using a recent version of Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator CS2 beat the pants off anything else I've seen for opening PDFs into an editable environment.


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abbyfine Makes about ten different products to handle pdfs & I think they are alomg the less expensive line & most can be dld for demo use before you gotta shell out the cold hard cash for those of us not born with Gold spoons in our .......................lives yes I contained myself.


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If you were running XP SignLab P&C Thermal would be an option - Brings PDF's in sweet, does lots of other nice stuff too that's not possible in Omega. It's not perfect & not cheap but runs real nice on a beefy pc running XP Pro. I couldn't deal with running Win 98 all day. You deserve a medal. Steve.
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Thank you all for your advice. I've decided that it's time to get modern and
upgrade my total system. I should have it up and running within a couple of weeks so hopefully these types of problems will be eliminated.

Thanks again,
Steve Shearer
Applied Graphics