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Recently Stahls bought imprintables warehouse i guess. Does anyone know what happened to their materials?

I have tried several different things from stahls and my employee struggles with all the materials, we cannot get the cutting depth dialed in, the weeding angle dialed in, i mean i think the stuff is complete junk myself.

Imprintables had a material that had a frosted "static" liner that was a dream to weed and use. I cannot find anything like that with stahls. All they have is the sticky liner and i personally think it sucks to work with.

Any advice on where to track down heat press materials better than this?


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you are correct Stahls did buy Imprintable warehouse.
I also agree that the Stahl material is subpar to the options previously offered by IW

we have no reference to your static liner film.
would suggest asking https://www.t-shirtforums.com/
they have always been helpful with our garment/supplies questions


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Not to hi-jack the thread, but does anyone know a material comparable to Imprintable's Eco-Print HTM?