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Inexpensive printer


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Is there a decent digital printer for somewhere around $5k that is not a POS? I know there are the Roland PC-12 / 60 / 600 are these about all there is in that kind of a price range? Looking at mostly using it to supplement cut vinyl and for the smaller stuff that doesn't make sense to layer. I know they are expensive to run, but are they okay for the small runs of stuff? Yes, I'd like a VersaCAMM, but can't yet justify the nearly $20k to get set up with it and a laminator. What about an older Edge? What are things to look for in a used printer? Any advice is much appreciated.


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Save your money and get a better setup... The Eco/Solvent printers will take you so much farther..

Fred Weiss

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Sub it out .... put your profits in a piggy bank ..... when full, buy the Versacamm or whatever looks like the best choice at the time.

Getting a used Edge will require you to also acquire and learn to use software to run it; a plotter that the software can output to; and an expensive inventory of printing foils.

I have an Edge and wouldn't give it up for anything, but it was expensive to get into and a bear to learn. Unless you're tapping into established customers asking for labels and decals, it could be an expensive transition. And it's a technology that is near the end of it's cycle .... not a good time to buy in.
I have a VersaCamm and don't see how we made it 13 years without it. My payment is $305 a month. If you buy one now and can't make a $300 payment with the extra profit your not doing something right. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Just because you have a hammer, it does not mean you can build a house. If you have the ability to use this tool to it's full potential, if I were you I would be on the phone trying to see who had one crated up and ready to ship.


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If you don't sub it out... Go buy a chunk of 3 year old technology and see how much it costs to feed. It may look like a great way to get your foot in the door, but the expense of keeping it running will make your head spin. Be prepared to spend a couple thousand dollars inking up and mastering the learning curve of an old machine with no tech support. The newer machines, particularly the eco-solvents are tremendously cheaper to run, and subsequently generate a much higher return on your investment.