Installation Rate for Routed Letters


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I haven't seen much discussion about installation cost for routed letters. Is there any base pricing, such as per letter or per sq ft, etc...?


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Are you using studs like Gemini letters? or just some type of adhesive? If you have to drill holes take that into account. I usally just give a time estimate on installs that way I can charge by the hour. I tell people it will be a certain price per hour and I estimate that it will take me 3 or 4 hours. Everyone is usally OK with that.



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I am the same, by the hour + supplies(drill bits adhesive etc.). Drive time to & from site also.


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By the hour here too. I charge for checking letters, install template, hardware, loading, travel, installing, unloading.


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generally we do the same. But we do have several building we do all the signage for and it is a flat rate in thoes cases its a known entity that way never any surprises.