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Need Help Installing vinyl over the bars on large windows


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Never said it was a new trend. So how long you been in the biz? Looks like Oct 2018 to me.

Actually, you did say it was the "new standard" in California.

We're in California also and haven't seen it done that often unless its on really shallow mullions which is typically the only time we do it.

We've tried to work out the angles on deeper mullions and just haven't found the effort to be that fruitful on gaining much more legibility.


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I did my first install on mulions a couple months ago.

New artist designed graphics for our building... It was 12 windows tall. Our unique logo was placed smack dab in the center of 4 WIndows... So it had to go over mulions or itd look dumb.

The windows were about 10ft high where the logo was... I placed it,did all the windows... Came down and from floor level it looked so un-aligned. I thought I messed up... Reprinted / cut the mulion... Took me 5 tries to make the angle look right when you stand right in front of our building. It looks off if you're standing anywhere else... Including driving on the road.

Everyday I want to rip the whole thing off and redesign it.

Doesn't help you, but I'm just throwing another hat into the don't do it ring.

But if you just have to do it...Best way up do it? Print/cut the mulion section by itself with a few inches extra in each side. Apply the windows like normal cutting away where the bars are.... Then once your done go back and use your extra pieces to align it at whichever angle you get the most foot traffic.

Then after spending an hour getting all the mulions done... Show the persistent owner how bad it looks unless your looking at it straight on, and charge $100 to remove all the mulion vinyl


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We've done a couple of shopfronts where we did wrap the mullions and they did look good.
It was a lot of extra work and I'm not sure I charged enough for them.


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heres my issue with covering mullions. when you see it at an angle its going to be distorted worse than not covering them. I would hate to remove the decal from mullion later and its not going to stick to the rubber around mullions so thats has to be cut away anyway. its just a PITA BUT to each his own