Introducing myself


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Hi all, small part-time ma + pa operator here at the bottom end of Australia and also the sign dollars spectrum.
Mostly do low buck, low tech vinyl signs on vehicles, menu boards, shopfronts and corflutes plus the occassional wood carved style sign.
No big talent to offer here excepting a good knowledge of CorelDRAW, scrollsawing, woodwork and metalwork.
:Australia Tommy.

Dave Drane

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Hey Tommy, welcome!!. :Welcome: :signs101: you must be one of the best vinyl jockies in Aus. hehehe. :biggrin: :biggrin:
CorelDraw should give you a job!! :U Rock:


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Hi, sounds like you are being a little modest... I know what it's like to be just a little low tech "pa" operation "ma" goes out and earns the big $... It's good to know even on the other side of the planet people still scratch out a living any way possible and that I'm not the only one. No shame in it either.