Is there any Vinyl that sticks to inflatable boats?

I have a customer that has a 21' inflatable zodiac that needs to have some registration numbers applied to it. Is there a vinyl that would adhere as well as flex with the expansion and contraction of the tubes? or would it be better to stencil it out and paint it? if that is the case what paint would you recommend?
thanks for you help?

Just Another Sign Guy

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zodiac as well as other inflatable manufacturers such as avon & marine supply stores like west marine used to sell letters & numbers made out of the hull material & you glue them on..i quit using those many yrs & switched to paint mask, I have had success with 1 shot (but it has been a few yrs & I have heatd many complaints about the latest formulation...test in a hidden spot) as well as multi purpose screenprint ink

Robert M

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I have tried many types of vinyl, paint is the way to. Check to see if it is made out of PVC or Hypalon and then select the paint


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What I normally do is cut the vinyl letters out of something cheap, stick them onto PVC (Banner material) and then hand-cut them... After that I then stick them onto the 'rubber-ducks' using the same glue the rubber-duck builders use... It's worked fine for 25 odd years and I've never had a come back... The only thing is it's never going to come off, so changing the crafts name or number is out of the question... lol.


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Chris,clean the area very well and cut a stencil and spray with Krylon Fusion. It works on tire covers.