Is This Legal?
I got an email about this site and looked at them. They offer for instance a download of Corel 12 for I think it was $39.95, and savings of nearly $400 on downloading FlashMX'04 from them for web development. They have Illustrator equally as cheap! And other Adobe programs as well. They specifically tell you no license is obtained, but they guarantee a full version of the programs to work on a pc. I'm interested in opinions before making up my toy list from them!

Hubert Furey

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Check with the software manufacturer you are interested in to see if they can confirm if this web-site is an authorized reseller.

Fred Weiss

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Better yet, see if that site is even there tomorrow.

Most or all of this software is illegal, unsupported, unregisterable and comes from Russia or Eastern Europe. Do you really want these people to have your credit card information?


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I will not be the devil advocate but they did spend money into SSL wich is not something easy to set up, they are in GB and they look legitimate to me but I will
just confirm everything twice...

Domain Name:
Country: GB
State: Haslemere


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Some of this is OEM software, so it's kind of legitimate (??) It is normally packaged with a new PC, jus the disc, no documentation. The downloads are probably not at all legit.

Fred Weiss

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Then ask yourself: Am I an OEM? (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Will the software you receive include an OEM license from the publisher of the software?

Duplicating and selling this stuff isn't illegal in the Eastern European countries or Russia. It is everywhere else. Software producers can't do anything about it because the governments of those countries won't help curtail this activity. It brings in US dollars and other western currencies to their dollar starved economies. None of the revenue reaches Adobe or Macromedia or Microsoft.

When you buy it, you are supporting software piracy. You will not receive any support, documentation, maintenance updates for bug fixes or the right to register your software. And if you're not careful, you may find that these folks gain access to your credit card details.
Be assured - I in no way support usurping rightful software agreements and licensing. I had friends in the IT dept @ work who offered me every kind of software I ever desired at no cost, "cracked" by friends of theirs. I ignored it. I also have a friend who helped author a prominent 3D program, and because of him I know what authors lose to piracy. Only question I'm checking out is legality of it where I am and do business - I don't need manuals and support basically. The "old school" Gerber support of the early 80's was last time I ever benefitted from a technical help phone call! Also, their site for these downloads is already suspiciously weak to me as far as an appearance of credibility. Why is this the only site like it I have ever seen since coming online so long ago hard drives were turned by a team of oxen? BTW - I have one credit card exclusively for the 'net... that really isn't a big issue to me yet. Still watching how this develops though!


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Is this legal? Hmmmm, here no; in Russia no too, but nobody cares...
the local police get kickbacks from the pirate software kiosks you'll find at the metro
stations. Not just software but music and movies too.
Above posts are right....don't give these folks credit card info.
Perhaps a trip to Russia might be in order, to shop these software markets.
Maybe your trip could be paid for a couple times over with what you save ....
100 rubles a disk is a great deal. From what I've heard they come with serial numbers that work no problem. I would go to Saint Petersburg, not Moscow; much more beautiful. And as a bonus if you're single: beautiful women just looking for a "good" man. You could try as a starter, to see what's available.
My own answer to "Legal?"

I've decided I wish I hadn't posted this. It has been on my mind ever since I did... more accurately - on my conscience. In any transaction anymore it seems, there is a high road or low road. Increasingly too, there is a middle road - or gray area. If I'm ever called to account for my actions, I'd prefer to have my record be one of always taking the high road. For me personally, gray areas are indefensible. Maybe the economics of this are that the software mfr.s are caving in to this and grabbing what dollars they can by making their products available legally thru whatever means they think people will take to get them. That would be too bad, because they would be diluting their own stand on the whole principle of software licensing. If I find this to be the case, I'd probably just "make do" forever with the versions of programs I already have. Anyway, I won't make posts impulsively anymore - I'll think them thru longer first. Have a good one everybody.

Fred Weiss

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Dave I don't understand your last post. I felt the entire thread was informative and useful and am happy you started the thread.

There is no doubt in my mind, however, that these are not legitimate offers put forth by the software producers. You appear to have some question in your mind in this regard.

These sites appeal to the uninformed and count on responders to prefer a bargain over any consideration of what is actually going on. You gave it due consideration by posting it here and now lots of readers will have a better understanding of this issue.


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I purchased, by accident, a license for Adobe Pagemaker on Ebay. I thought I was purchasing the product, but when I received it, it was only the license pack. I paid $50 for this and was a little concerned if this was legit.

I contacted Adobe in regards to this. They did a check on the license and told me it was legit. I purchased 6.5 and 7 was just released. I asked to buy a disk and they said they had no more in stock. I asked how I could get a copy and they told me to burn a copy from anyone who has it. They weren't concerned about the disk, they were concerned about the license.


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True, but what I'm saying is there is a possibility that they purchase large amounts of software licenses and that is what they are selling. The download is not the sale.

Just my guess.


I think Jarid is right.

But I also see why Dave made his last post. He didn't regret posting this because of the response of the members here, but rather because of the fact that his conscience was plaguing him. Your a good man Dave. Wish there were many more like you out there.


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$344.99 at and comes with a free tablet. I use tigerdirect for a lot of software and am happily impressed. These guys are a legitimate company, the prices they offer are great.

Fred Weiss

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I also contacted Adobe and was asked to fax them a transcript of this thread. When I did, I suggested that someone register and provide an official response.