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Isa vs sgia tradeshows. Which should I attend?


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I’ve been in sign making my whole life and have started working for a commercial printer. They’ve asked me to attend a trade show to help them grow there wide format department. I don’t want to go to both sgia and isa, most of them are going to sgia as it involves commercial printing as well as wide format but I’m wondering if the isa would be better for me. Only the owners are going and said it was my choice. Those of you that have been to both witch one would be the best for companies looking to make big moves in the wide format industry.


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I'd say go to the closest one.
Id love to go to the sgia.
I haven't been to one in years.
last time I went it was in Vegas.
It was funtastic

1999 ooops time sure flys


Sign & Graphics Business Consultant
In your situation, I would recommend SGIA, which is going to be Printing United in Dallas. https://www.printingunited.com/
They are combining shows this year with a commercial printing show because of the amount of crossover with commercial printers getting into wide format. The owners would really be killing 2 birds with 1 stone. ISA is also good, and has a lot of wide format, but is specifically a "sign" show and has a focus on traditional sign making including electric signs (channel letters, monuments, cabinets, etc.). Good luck.


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ISA is awesome, this will be my 7th year in attendance. Even if SGIA is geared toward being more printing tech.-specific, you wouldn't be disappointed at ISA if you were only there for that aspect.
i'd say pick whichever is more logistic for your schedule/travel to allow. they're both great.