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Italic font ID

The Vector Doctor

Chief Bezier Manipulator
Sometimes even the experts need help. I cannot for the life of me figure out this font. The M is unique, has anyone seen this before? I can usually ID 95% of the fonts that come my way.


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The Vector Doctor

Chief Bezier Manipulator
Now I remember.

Thank you Fred - was that from memory or your software?

I've read your posts before about the fontexpert software. Does it work with your own fonts too - not just the fonts in it's own database? In other words, can it scan all the fonts on my hd and cds and add that info to the existing database?

Although I can ID most fonts from memory, the obscure fonts or a brain fart causes me to spend way too much time trying to ID during those times.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
It was done with FontExpert. Took about 30 seconds to identify and 3 minutes to locate a seller and confirum it to be the correct font.

With FontExpert, the database generator used to create the data on the CD is included. You do not scan your fonts in however. You simply install them into Windows OS, then select them from a menu to add to your "Private Database". They are then rasterized by Windows software and captured by the FontExpert Database Generator. Takes about 30 to 45 seconds per font. I built my DB by setting up a couple of hundred each night to run when I left the office.

The advantage of the private database, is that it will immediately alert me as to whether or not I have the font in my archives rather than buying it and finding out later that I already have it.

Bobby H

Arial Sucks.
FWIW, those who bought Adobe PageMaker 6.5 a few years ago would have netted the Giovanni family. It was part of the "Collection 220" series of fonts Adobe would bundle in with certain application upgrades.

The Vector Doctor

Chief Bezier Manipulator
Thanks, Bobby I have the font, but sometimes the more fonts you know the more clouded your mind gets.

Like I said most of my font recognition comes from memory - whatthefont is my second stop when that doesn't work.