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It's FINALLY here!


New Member
*WOW* I can't believe it...my VersaCamm is here and running! Hey...it's only taken a year or so, right? :Big Laugh

I really thought it was going to be difficult...I've been worried. Woke up at 3 am yesterday morning and couldn't go back to sleep...LOL You guys were right...it's a piece of cake to cut from Corel.

Now I can't think of anything to print!

*LP passes out cigars*

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Way 2 Go LP !


New Member
Thanks Everyone!

I got the 30" because it will cover the major percentage of jobs we get in here. Since we can't handle all of our maintenance issues here and have to contract some stuff out, we might as well save the headache, space, and purchase money, and contract out anything larger. I had to beg, bitch, whine, and complain for a year to get this one! LOL

It sure is nice to finally be up to speed with surrounding shops...and the quality of these prints, even at medium settings, is absolutely amazing!

Thanks again, guys & gals....LP