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It's late and I'm blind...

Idea Design

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I cannot seem to figure out what font this is. Does anyone want to help out a guy who worked a regular job all day and is making a second living at home?

All together now...boo hoo



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Fred Weiss

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Poor baby ... Hell I've only been at it since 8 this morning.

The name of the font is Profil. Your sample has has some slant and condensing applied to it. It is included with CorelDraw or can be purchased HERE.


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Arlo Kalon 2.0

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Fred Weiss said:
About 4 hours a day.

I've wondered from time to time about something I heard G. Gordon Liddy say on his radio program. He claimed that a guy his age actually functions best with only 3 hrs of sleep a night. I couldn't help but note later on that Rudy Guliani said he sleeps "no more than 3 hrs a night"! Being the impressionable guy I am I've given it a shot a few times. They're right too! I CAN go to bed around midnight and get up at 3... turn on Fox News channel, drink coffee solidly until my usual waking time of 5:30, and feel basically the same as if I got up at 5:30 and had a few cups then. It does work. Sure don't understand why anybody would wanna live like that all the time tho.

Fred Weiss

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The way I was told, it's all about four hour sleep cycles.

We fall into sleep for two hours and out of sleep for the next two. So 4 hours leaves you more rested than 6 etc. because it's stressful to be awakened from the deep sleep that we are at after 2 or 6 hours.

I have always been a person that worked in bursts of energy followed by periods of comparative lethargy. It drove my first wife crazy and interfered with my suitability for employment by others. I am happiest when I follow my own body rhythms ... sleeping only when I'm tired.


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I myself get like 4 hours of sleep during the week because i feel id rather be doing other stuff then sleeping but i am usually tired and after a week straight of doing that im really exhausted so i sleep in during the weekends but if i continue to do that for like 2 weeks straight without sleeping in during the weekends then i get dark eyes and really exhausted. but during the day once im awake im fine but waking up is the hardest for me. so i feel my sleeping patterns are very irregular and dont really know the best way to take it :0/


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You can say what you all wish. But,
I and a load of other sheriff deputies have been functioning on 4 - 6 hours a day for the past 22 days, most of us are so friggin tired we are falling alseep every chance we sit down. But, doing seach and rescue and recovery and security against looters is much more physical. I cant wait for day off..

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