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Dave Stacey

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Wow 2 problems in one day1. I 'm using signlab8 print & cut. All of a sudden everything is coming out crazy looking. Even if I draw a circle it looks like it has invisible straight nodes. I've rebooted with no success. I would think it has something in the node editing settings but I can't see anything.

Thanks Dave


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Does it look like this when using the wireframe veiw in SignLab? I kinda looks like the blade
is hanging up in the blade holder. Wait is this a print or cut? If it is a print, no idea.

J Hill Designs

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happens to me in omega when i upsize an eps that has been imported...the larger I have to size it, the more those things arise...I have had to make it a point to full-size my stuff in corel before exporting as eps to omega


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I think I've heard of static electricity causing some of these issues on the data ports before, another thing to try and rule out on the list!
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