Just renewed my merchant membership! Let's work together in 2011!


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Hi folks! I just renewed my merchant subscription, and am looking forward to offering wholesale roll to roll and flatbed print services as well as flatbed computerized cutting/routing services to S101 members in 2011.

If you don't have a printer router, or cutter, or have equipment but are too busy to handle customer requests, we're ready, willing, able, and competitively priced and will turn your project around quickly.

We have added Latex printing to our capabilities for 2011! Super high res, totally green print solutions.

Let's work together in 2011. Feel free to email me personally, PM or call.

As always thanks for entrusting us with your business.


Charlie J

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How wide do you guys print? I may need a pretty huge banner in the future. I'm only printing 63" wide in house.