Just wanted to say hello..!


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Hi folks,

Have really enjoyed reading all the post on this board. A lot of neat stuff here!

Glad to see it so active.

Just bought my 1st. 24” cutter and am really having a lot of fun.

I’m not Green behind the ears to making signs, in fact, I will need to sprout out first before I qualify for being Green.

I didn’t buy the cutter to get into the sign business, just wanted to play around making a few signs for my business, and more importantly, I have always wanted to try sandblasting, (etching) glass in art forms.. (Hope this doesn’t disqualify me from being here on Signs 101)..

Also, I gather Fred Weiss runs this web site so just wanted to say, “Well Done”, it looks Great and I for one appreciate anyone who is willing to put in the time to maintain a site for the benefit of others ! Thank You. :thankyou:

Bradster941… :smile:


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welcome and pay attention, these folks are willing to share tips. Everyone here wants to help.