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In the middle of printing a job, when the head returns to the station to get cleaned, the wiper will come out to the front, and an error will appear (WIPER ERROR), then will ruin the job. Then will will ask for the roll size (as if I just loaded the vinyl). Any ideas of whats causing this or how to fix it? I have cleaned out the wiper motor (from the rear), so I do not think "Gunk" is the problem..... Help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


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try cleaning the rails that the wiper slides on with cleaning solution, also try cleaning off the belt that moves the wiper forward and back. This has happened to me before, basicly something is getting gunked up and keeping the wiper from cleaning the heads during the print, the only cause i have ever had for it is the rails, belt, and possibly the little gears. good luck tho


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I think supergecko28 hit the nail on the head, the ink builds up very quickly there. it's happened to us as well...


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There just isn't much to that wiper mechanism, it is most certainly ink build up. You should be able to move it by hand with the machine powered off fully out and in by hand and not feel any resistance or "rough" spots. That will cause the error.


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Right on, wiper error is caused by an overtemp (or high electrical resistance) of the wiper motor straining or burning out.


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Based on what everyone is saying here I can only guess we all run our machines in thick mode? I ran my Mimaki in thin mode the first 8 months and there was never any ink mess in there except for the actual wiper and not nearly as much as I get now in thick mode. Out of curiosity, why is there a thin mode if so few use it. I think the unit prints much better in thin but for me we couldn't print anything without fear of scuffing from the slightest of mishandling.