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Suggestions JV150 or Epson 60600?


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60600 will probably be one the fastest solvent machine you've ever seen print.
They are stupid quick, with a great colour gamut (really only beaten by the 80600 in the orange/red zone).
Also comes with a much needed dryer as at those print speeds you really do need it.


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I don't know anything about the jv150 but we have a 60600 and it's pretty much as Signmeup says.
Fast, great quality, low ink use, fast drying.
If you want a solvent printer they are good value.
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You can't compare a single CMYK printhead printer (Mimaki JV150) with a dual CMYK printhead printer (Epson SureColor 60600). If I have to choose I will purchase the Epson without hesitation. I agree with SignMeUpGraphics about the speed and the colour gamut. The Mimaki delivers also great results but the Epson is more accurate, versatile and fast maybe the best eco-solvent printer on the market. 100% Epson technology, no parts from other manufacturers like the printheads and inks.
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Gary Wiant

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I have a jv300 setup with SS21 INKS 8 colors (lm, lc, lk, & orange and we love it. It is the 3rd Mimaki we have owned & so far none of them have ever given us and problems. With that being said, if the Epsons are true solvent & not eco solvent I'd consider an Epson 80600.

I think regardless of which printer you get you'll be happy