JV3 Head Raising Modification (photos)


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i'm doing some work on my jv3 160sp over the next few weeks. one thing that i've been wanting to do is raise the heads beyond the "thick" setting.

the machine is never on thin for any material. but many times needs to be higher still than "thick". the head carriage is surprising easy to alter in many different ways. the only thing keeping it from being able to print on 1/8" material is the pinch rollers eventually max out. perhaps some day i'll raise the entire pinch roller assembly.

attached are pics of the easy mod. they are pretty self explanitory. the shims are from .040 aluminum. the only thing left to do tomorrow is raise the dog house (the wiper assembly can stay unshimmed, just need to modify the wiper height and doghouse height).

also, i getting really good contact with the cap/head plate interface. and still i can lower the carriage to what will now be the older "thick" level which is not the new "thin".

the new head height is a comfortable 3.2mm and will safely print on material that is 2.38mm (the max for the pinch rollers). i plan on printing on .090 polycarb, 1/16" acrylic, .080 aluminum, and 1/16" plywood.


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wiper height question

well i decided to go with shimming the wiper assembly as well. it was the logical conclusion and left the head/wiper relationship the same as was before being the shims were the same between the capping station, heads, and wiper.

now that i have it raised, i look under and see that the wiper really make a strong "bow" when wiping. ...and this being at it's highest setting. setting the heads to the "low" position (the original high/thick position) would be even more contact.

i understand that this contact point that it's always been. but to me, it's not the optimal angle to sweep off the heads. the top of the wiper becomes almost horizontal during wiping. seems to be slightly bad engineering.

can someone look at the angle of contact to dx4 heads on another jv3 to see just what the contact point is at the "high" setting? that would be greatly appreciated.




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