JV33 setup


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Hello all
I've been lurking here for a bit and am impressed with the attitude of the community.....helpful folks abound :)

I thought I'd throw this out to see what pointers come my way.

I had a JV3 that I ran for a couple years but parted with it when that particular business was sold.
I am now setting up a new venture and went shopping for another. It turned out that I ended up purchasing a JV33 this time.
I am in the process of setting it up and thought I'd ask the forum for pointers/helpful info that the Mimaki book does not have. The book is a bit anemic for sure.
The plan (at least the current one) is to start out with OEM SS21 inks and source a bulk set up for it a bit down the road. I put bulk on my JV3 and it worked extremely well.

OOPS....sorry to ramble on. Any pointers for setting up and configuring the JV33 would be appreciated.


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Interesting topic. I'm in a similar situation--operated a JV3 for 8+ years and am receiving a new JV33 next week.

Any tips, pointers, differences, etc. that I should be aware of? I'm interested to hear opinions from folks who have operated both machines (JV3 and JV33).


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I've never worked with the JV3, but from all I've heard is that the 33 is much easier to set-up.

The machine is fairly picky about feed compensation and drop position adjustments between different media types. I'm using all four of the user types on my machine and it helps when I'm switching between say a 23 mil canvas and 3 mil vinyl. I have one user set-up for each so there's no messing around with set-up. Just change the user type on the printer and select your rip settings and go.

As far as set up goes, beyond the color specific stuff (ink limits, profiles, etc.) there's really only the two adjustments you need to worry about for setting up for each media. The feed compensation and the drop position correct.

The feed compensation is really simple to adjust and doesn't use up a lot of media. The drop position correct is pretty finicky about the media thickness. If say you set-up the user type for a 15 mil vinyl and then use the same settings for some small decals with fine type, you'll see registration issues on the decals for sure.

Set up correctly you can print perfectly legible 2-3 pt type. That comes in handy when you're doing small labels with a lot of info.


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I just installed one all by my self about a month ago or so. It was so easy even a caveman can do it. :)

Joke a side, it really was a simple transition for me which I never had any prior solvent ink-jet printer experience, i was pretty much plug and play.

I bought my machine used and the head was clogged, with the help of this forums good and knowledgeable folks, I was up and running matter of hours.

I am even converting my machine to Triangle ink on Monday.

I love the machine and I love the help I get here in this forum.

You'll be very happy with both.

Good luck to you anyways..!