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Kinda a newbie


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Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I'm kinda a newbie. I have decided to go full scale. I've been in the industry for about 5years on a small Scale. RC Cars. Well I've finally decided to go big or go home. Opened a Full shop. So wanted to say hi and thanks to all on here. I've learned a lot from reading the posts.:Welcome:

The Vector Doctor

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Welcome to the group!

R/C Cars! I still have my RC10 from Associated. A late 80's product. My first R/C car was a Frogger from Tamiya. I used to work for a hobby shop, so I tricked it with every imaginable part (it doesn't have too many stock parts) I raced my RC10 with a club every weekend while in high school and college.

Then I had to concentrate on studies and a girlfriend (who later became my wife). Got married, house, kids, etc. The hobby became last on my list of priorities. I get the car out once in a while to play, but sure do miss the competition

Good luck to you.
Welcome DRP. Glad to have you.

Hey, Doc, I've still got one of those late 80's RC10's, too. I've got several other vehicles, but my most current one is the Associated Monster GT. We had a group of guys racing for fun until Katrina hit...a lot of them work plumbing and construction...they're all on the coast now. I gotta recruit some new guys to race with.


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Welcome to Signs101.. from another newbie.....
Hmmm i see alot here about RV cars and Trucks.. .. does anyone else besides my better half and I race rc boats.. lol.. (we run gas powered boats not nitro)
(The Big Guy holds the US record for Gas Cat. for straight line.)

DRP ...YOu will love this site.. i know i do...
I decaled a couple of quarter-scale boats for a guy a few months back.


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Thanks for all the warm welcomes. I have a few of those 1980's style cars still as well. However now it's a lot more. Let's see my now wife was my girlfriend when she said get another RC truck to play with camping. I was like ok. That was $500.00. That was fine. Then i decided to start racing again and she supported it. 15-20K later i'm racing all over the country. Including Va with Tony Stewart in Dec for the Open Wheel nationals and then The SnowBirdNationals in orlando in feb that had a record 867 entries last year. So it's grown more then just a hobby. But there fun little toy cars. LMAO
Now the Sign business will hopefully be just as good as the RC side was. If you have any questions about your RC's for hobby feel free to ask. Just send me an email. I'll gladly help. Might even meet or see a few of you as I travel across the country racing.


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lol.. Planes are cool.. the big guy has a flying wing.. that is fun to watch...

Its amazing who you find.. our raceing RC's... one of the people we race with quite often (with the boats) is Antron Brown who races like drag motor cycles...
One of our races is gonna be featured on the outdoor channel.. i believe next week.. Its on the show INside RC and its the london bridge race.. ..
They even had the big guy doing some announcing.. lol.. Ill let ya all know when to watch.. for sure..


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I watch Inside RC. the Open Wheel Nat's was on that show from last year. What's her name on there is HOT. LMAO but she didn't come do any of the recording for our show. What the hell was that all about. LMAO Oh well. Your right a lot of people that would suprise you. Carl Edwards was at the snowbirds this past feb. He turned some hot laps with us. It's an expensive but fun hobby. AS for the planes. Forget it. I was grounded. LMAO Wife siad no way to much money in cars, and if the plane comes down wrong, i'm not fixing it all the time. I spend enough time working on the cars. LOL


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The lady didnt do the taping of the show we were on either..

much to my bf's dismay.. lol.. but if you see the one on the london bridge boat race.. thats coming up.. BigB is my better half.. .. and He was taped alot.. ..
They also let us push our online company for boat parts.. which was way cool.. ..
talking about the airplanes and then comeing down.. Imagine this..
6 boats going 60 -70 miles an hour around a 1/6 mile oval on a lake..
trying to not be affected by the wakes etc.. .. and remember.. the front end of boats are pointed.. You can imagine what happens when on hits another .. lol..

It can get uglyyyyyyyyyyyyy......
I know the race boats.. all done up can involve way over 2 grand.. Its a fun hobby.. but not cheap.... but at least when they crash.. we can usually patch them up....

Here is a link to a few of our boats..
the yelllow one is called the killer bee.. rof...


and if you look at the big picture of the green hulk boat .. you can see the quickie patch job we did with jb quck on the front..