L25500 Adhesive Vinyl shrinkage


Hello to all
I've been using my HP L25500 for about 8 months.
I'm printing on an italian Kemica TecPrint vinyl for solvent printers (i think it's a general formulation) without any issues so far.
Recently I printed lots of 8"X12" labels that were ment to be contour-cutted with a Mimaki CG-SRII, after lamination. For this I had to print the specified marks so the plotter could set the printing parameters.
I noticed a deviation of about 1/8" from the marks printed in the middle of the vinyl, in relation to the ones in the borders. This made me waste almost a half of the printed area (only the central prints were straight).
I wonder if any of you could recommend me a vinyl type that can help me to solve this problem.
Where I live I have no access to all the brands you talk about in this forums, so a common brand such as Oracal, Arlon, 3M, Avery would make a better recommendation.
Thank you!


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There is a setting in the firmware to correct this. Straightness optimization I think it's called. It's been a while since I "fixed" mine, but if I remember right, it's in the image quality section. You have to print a straight line the width of the vinyl, then measure the "bow" in the middle. Put in the adjustment and it should fix the problem. It's in MM.


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It is straightness optimization. If you are ever in the market to upgrade your cutter, the Summa's actually print a line across the width of the print and read that as well to help correct the "bowing" in the prints on the HP Latex. I just upgraded to the S-Class T series. Expensive, but well worth the money!!


Thank you all for your replies.
I changed the Straightness Optimization setting and it helped a lot.
The next step should be buying that new Summa cutter you recommend. Looks very nice, strong, ...and expensive :)