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Lamination without laminator?

Steve C.

New Member
I don't have a clue about laminators or how they work so this may be a stupid question, but, on small jobs why can't I just apply the laminate by hand? I'm getting a lot of dust and trash in liquid laminate.

Steve C.


New Member
I do it often ... I also use application fluid, prevents bubbles and creases.

Fred Weiss

Merchant Member
Try a Piece of Velcro

It's less stinky than your socks and isn't bothered by liquids. Use the hook side only ... not the loops. It doesn't leave a mark.

I use it on unmasked vinyl and laminate all the time. I also find I get a lot easier application of large graphics due to the cushioned effect and lower friction against the application tape.


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Steve C.

New Member
That's GREAT! Thanks guys. I'll try it. Oh yeah, What about brands? is there one that is easier to work with by hand?


New Member
I think I may need help on lamination, I am applying a large (for me)
96" x 48" printed vinyl on alumalite and it will be outdoors 365 days a year...

so, lamination....is it clear vinyl? and what is this liquid stuff?
one shot clear? if it is liquid, where do I purchase it? my supplier?
I think that's the way I want to go...

a step by step procedure would be nice...

thanks :smile:

Steve C.

New Member
When I say Liquid Laminate, Yes, One Shot clear or Frog Juice. I have also tried a water based clear called ClearShield. I don't like it much because you must flood it on thick and it will run if your substrate is not perfectly horizontal.