Lava Inks


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I've been very pleased with it. It's all I use now. It does, however, have a bit more of a solvent odor to it than the OEM ink.


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LOVE EM. Ink is great color is vibrant. And depending on quanity of cartridges you order, you can get them for around $30 a cartridge. We switched about 3 months ago. Also the are compatible with the OEM inks, SO if you have a few of the old cartriges around, they won't go to waste.

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i have been using them. no problems so far.
i do have one problem though i let my machine set up for a couple of weeks and now i can get the black to pump through. ive tried
sucking the lines through but no help?
any suggestions???



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Ha, I kind of feel stupid; I googled lava, lava ink, solvent, etc, but never thought to just type in lavaink as the URL.


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Ink hold on media

I think we all know very well that true and mild solvent inks have better color saturation and ink adhesion than eco solvent inks.

That being said I can't really judge the OEM inks for the mutoh Valuejets because we replaced them three weeks after install. We are now running Go Eco One bulk ink system. It gives out acceptable color quality but it doesn't seem to hold very well. Even after weeks of the image being printed it can smear off when rubbed continously, something that I have never seen with true and mild solvent. It's true that the pressure has to be fairly constant but it does happen.

I have gone so far as to increase the pre and platen heating elements to the highest it can go without affecting the media for better ink acceptance.

So based on your experience. How strong is the hold for the lava inks.