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layout question


New Member
I'm using LXi Master + and I have a graphic that has some arrows going over some text. I would like the outline of the arrows to actually be cut out of the text so when I layer it, it's all on the same level and one color isn't on top of the other. What would be the easiest way to cut the arrow outlines out of the letters?



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bummer... long reply just vanished in cyberspace..

I don't know your software, but an easy way is just send the layout of the arrow over the letters, it will cut both & you can weed out all of the arrow as well as the excess around the text, this will give you the "knock-out" in your text that the arrow can be placed into after cutting out of a different color.

If it were me though, I would just overlap them. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you don't try to cover a dark color with a light one, & since applied vinyl shrinks, even your way will have some imperfections down the road even if you line it up perfect when you apply it

Fred Weiss

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Separate Overlap is okay or you can use the Combine > Cutout command. Before you do, check preferences that you keep the cutout object. This will give a precise knockout of the underlying color. When doing a cutout, select the object to be cutout first and the object that will do the cutting out second.

As Doug points out though, as the graphic ages you will see the substrate color as it shrinks. Therefore, my recommendation would be to use the Color Trapping command. This will allow you to generate a slight overlap of the top and bottom colors as well as select which color will overlap the other.