LED lighting good way to start for signage

Bret R

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I am trying to get some information on where to start when adding led lighting to signage I use to do a lot of bulbs and transformers for backlit signs and flood lights etc but I really wanna do more customized acrylic and dimensional signs with led lighting don’t know where to start??? Any help is appreciated !!

Bobby H

We use Principal LED for a lot of our jobs. They'll put together LED layouts for channel letters and discuss possible solutions for various other kinds of lighting jobs (sign cabinets, border lighting, environmental lighting, etc).

Bret R

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Yeah I have no idea where to even look for different brands but now I do Cool thanks a lot guys I will check them out!


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Hi...Fluorescent and LED is accessible in either 120V or 277V. However, not from each producer.

1. Attempt to work with this signage project worker to get the stabilizer and driver for their signs at 277V.

2. Discover another signage project worker who will work with you and discover something that will work at 277V.

3. Remove the lighting from the signage project workers degree and choose your own lighting that will work and is accessible at 277V.

4. Or then again at long last, figure out how to work something out to give the 120V force as mentioned.


Sloan and GE have high quality products and most of the program spec work. Hanley is co specified on many programs and is a decent product and more reasonably priced. Grimco carries the Hanley line. They also have acrylic, polycarbonate, aluminum for backers, channel coil and aluminum extrusions.


Principal is our go to. Not as expensive as the big names, GE & GE, but they offer a 10 year warranty on all parts, 5 years labor. If I recall correctly, all of their power supplies are 120v-277v, or they are phasing out their 120v power supplies at this point.