LED Window Sign Sales


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We have two LED displays in our store window, but get very little interest in them. We use them to display what can be displayed as well as promote our business. On both we have a line "LED signs sold here". Although we have sold a couple, we do not get much interest, and price has been a stumbling block. MSRP is $800 and up depending on brand/model. We sell the advantage of being eye catching, and easy to change the message.

Is anyone having good luck selling these? If so would you be willing to share how you are doing it? And if you are selling them are you stocking several sizes or ordering as sold? I think they are great, but I have a number of items at the store and from the tool business that I thought were sure fire blockbusters! Ideas and thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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There seems to be a glut of LED message board companies popping up these days. Their pricing is considerably less than the "major" players. Seems to be making it hard to sell a quality product, vs what I see as the disposable "bic lighter" LED's. Possibly some are great quality also, but the problem is you just don't know until they have been out there for a while.

One particular company I've been looking into offers a hand held controller vs having to hook up to a computer. They also offer the "triColor" option vs monochrome or full color. The "brand name" boards don't offer these features.
part of the problem, far to many available thru ebay or on line... a lot of people are not
intersted in a whole lot of splash for window signage... they are quite happy spending what they need to thru an online vendor..... just my thoughts.... as an example, look at all the
"OPEN" signs avail. on line... 2-3 colors flashing or not.... very low cost.....


I've also really wanted to sell these smaller LED boards. I have been pushing the smaller one from Wagner. It's about $800 and I try to sell it as $1500 installed with training. I've sold one. I'm in Houston, TX and people just do not want to spend money on good signage. Not the smaller shops anyway. They cannot see the ROI and would rather spend smaller amounts of money on temporary banners, if that even.


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Called one of the suppliers we have lined up for this and asked him what others are doing to sell the &*%$ things. He told me that sales are not what they would liketo to see, but what he is seeing from the companies that are selling the displays,
1. have a unit in their window for customers to see (we have two, an amber and tri color)
2. the dealers to selll them are selling at something less than MSRP
Other than that no help or other advice to sell. Talked to customers in the shop, about window LED signs and no real consenus, some just not interested, and dd not think it would help their business.