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lines in printing and maybe freelance technician?

Hi, I keep getting this lines in the printing, i was try to find a solution in the forum but no luck.
I replaced the cap and cleaned many times but the quality is still not good.

I was also hoping that maybe someone here know can give me some paid training on the machine (my store is in paramus NJ)

Please if any one can give me some guidance i would really appreciate it.

Machine is Mimaki cjv30-160

Thank you very much!


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I don't have a Mimaki but it looks as if your printheads need to be cleaned & re-calibrated or one or more replaced.


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I used Mimakis before and looks like your pass setting could be low like 8 or 4 try 16 and make sure the media is solvent compatible if not follow step 1 and 2.
brandon708 i did many cleanings to the print head and replace the cap, i'm not sure how to re-calibrated. I hoping it's not a bad print head, i just got this machine used, and i'm still trying to figure out the all the settings. every tech company i was talking with wanted over a $1,000 to come over.

henryz, thank you i'll try to figure out how to do that :)

Hi Jay, sure. dosen't look too good. but when all ink was full i still had the lines.

Thank you guys


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henryz i change the pass from 12 to 24 in the resterlink print condition, you can see the diffrence in the 2 pictures, it looks a little better, but the image is still not very crisp


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Your best bet is to hunt down a service manual and go through the head adjustments. If you're going to keep the printer, it will be well worth buying If you can not find one to download.


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when you purchased this used printer did you request a current sample of what the machine was printing like when you bought it? if not, I would assume you purchased a machine with heads that were poorly maintained and/or shot.

It definitely looks to be out of alignment too.


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Horizontal banding could also be caused by a bad PF adjustment. Easy to check. check your print size of your file and simply measure finished print.


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I wouldn’t bother trying to print any new stuff until you can get a decent nozzle test. Give it a few “hard” cleans and then maybe leave some of the cleaning fluid In the cap top overnight to see if that helps. Have you tried a “fill up ink”

If the machine has came to you in that condition there’s a good chance it’s just the head. Did you get a nozzle test before purchasing?

John Testa

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I just bought a Mimaki and like you I'm new to the machine. Your latest picture looks like your head is cleaned. Have you downloaded the profiles for the media you're using? Once I had downloaded the correct profile from Mimaki's website I had a lot more success.
Thank you everyone, i will try to understand how to do all your suggestions and hopefully come back with good news.
Any chance anyone know of someone in north new jersey that can give me some training?


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Heads aren't in that great of shape, hence the grainy prints.
Also, the material feed between passes needs adjusted. I can't recall 100% what it's called but it is adjusted on the machine itself base doff the "baseline" calibration that is done when you align the heads.
You might have to start with head alignment or possibly replacement, but that is pricey.


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If you’re looking for the cheap option there’s always YouTube. This will obviously depend on what software(s) you are using but should still be helpful.
i believe i am using the right profiles, yet i can't be sure as my vinyl supplier can't tell me the exact materiel model, yet he say it wont make such a difference.
When i got the machine (as is) from someone i trust (and promised me that he check everything before and the machine is printing good), it took some time till i was able to install all the software to work with coreldraw, the machine was plugged and ON the whole time, but i'm hoping i didn't buy a bad printer, i was hoping to find someone in my area that works with a similar machine and can help me with adjusting the setting and give me some paid training, as i'm many of my issues might be an easy fix for someone who familiar with the machine


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I’d worry about getting a decent test print before doing anything with the profiles.

Have you done any hard cleanings? Basically in print mode, hit the cleaning button, scroll down to “hard” and hit enter. Do that a few times and do a test print each time to see if you’re getting any nozzles back. If you get any back, keep doing it!

I’d maybe start with a scroll through the maintenance menu and try a “fill up ink”. That should help.