linking CoCut to Corel 12


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Not Sure but


...My first question would be, What operating system are you running, I know there were some issues with Cocut and Windows XP.

Here is what I would do.

1. Restart the computer...see if it works...if no continue.

2. Uninstall cocut useing windows "add remove programs" under control panel.

3. Uninstall Corel.

4 Shutdown computer, power off, wait...Poewr back on.

5. Reinstall Corel selecting custom install.Check the appropriate opptions and Look for some type of visual basic option....(I'm not sure excatly what it is called.)

6. Reinstall Cocut, Restart, and test.

If all else fails contact this guy for support He is a support person for Cocut.

Hope this helps.


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YEs,,The VBA corel feature must be installed. Do a setup in corel and it will bring up an add feature window. Add in VBA and then install cocut Should fall right into place. Also, get the manual from cocut site and it should have more help for this.