Logo design comparisons


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Trying to settle on one of these, or take any suggestions on tweaking them. Don't worry too much about color, as we may not have settled on that yet either.


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Joe Diaz

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The one on the right is the best. But the blue lettering lacks contrast beside it's contour color so it's not as strong as it could be. Fiddle with those colors a bit and you'll have a real nice logo.


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If I had to choose, the one on the right, but...

What is the name of your business? The right hand specimen says...

'sign PRO plus'

...is that what you're trying to achieve?


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Is that Mistral?

I like 2 and 3 as long as you replace that font. One of Steve's would fit perfectly.

I tweaked the vectors of an existing font for that text, can't remember what is was though.

I have been wanting to change it to something else but couldn't settle on anything.

OK, color me uninformed....who is Steve and where can I view his fonts?


I like the 3rd one as well. I would make sure the left, right and bottom legs of the plus symbol are the same as the top.

On a side note, I had a friend a few years ago open his own sign co. as "Sign Pro". He operated for a year before he got a cease and desist notice. If the original Sign Pro is still around, and willing to enforce his trademark, you may be hearing from him.


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Oh dear!, ...I went tinkering and did this, I like it, but not sure if better or worse than the current contender (rightmost in first post)

I fear of a sleepless night and designing in circles.


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I like the new one best, though I kinda get the franchise feel from it (not that it's a bad thing). I thought keeping the weigt of the plus sign inline consistant and spreading the kearning of "plus" helped balance things out a bit. Maybe a beefier font for "plus"?


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Font Sage
On the top right layout maybe use a Upper and Lower case for (Pro)


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Craig Sjoquist

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1st post right one best

Tikiboyz.. did a outstanding one ,, likes the scripted plus.

Jhilldesigns... oops I meant to say.. it would look great in any color


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Tikiboyz, I like that, especially the script font...kind of more what I initially had in mind. Oddly enough as I have been tweaking here and there this was one of my permutations of the logo. Which is kind of sorta in the vein of what you did with the gradient, color scheme and upper/lower case for "pro".

On the top right layout maybe use a Upper and Lower case for (Pro)


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