Logo thoughts please


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Just looking peoples opinions on this logo please??


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I think the letters in station need some breathing room. The space between "Graphix' and 'station' needs some more room.

I also don't believe this logo successfully passed the squint test, especially on a white background. For a sign shop, it needs to be very readable. Unless you were always going to use a black box of some sort as a background...

I like the colors. I think the extended tail in X has been overused (myself included) but it works. I also think that font has been overused and abused (again, guilty!)

They layout could work though with some tweaks. It's a little boring though. Maybe add some sort of element to jazz it up a bit.

Just some thoughts. Not a bad start at all.


Also, I just saw what you posted on the other board, with the green Graphix and black Station...

That looked much better IMO...