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Longest cutting length Roland Camm-1


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Hello, I am having trouble cutting anything longer than about 60'' on my plotter it is an older unit (PNC-1000) I am not in the sign business full-time so I don't use this very often...especially for any long decals. The size is set at "expand-x" I am trying to cut a decal about 71'' long, but when it gets to about the 60'' it stops cutting (meaning the blade lifts out of the vinyl and leaves an open ended line). Using Flexi-sign v7.5 with the media size set to 15'' x 100''. Any suggestions other than cutting it into separate panels??
Thanks in advance.

Pro Image

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OP will tell ya...........You have to set the dip switches.........OP has the setting maybe Arlo Kalon has them too.................


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No dip switches to set; this it the max. length for the PNC-1000. Not familiar with Flexi but you will have to panel anything longer than 60".


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BUT.......FLEXI/SL/SIGNWIZARD/all will PANEL the graphic with 62.99" panels... you need to tell flexi your using a PNC-1000. ive cut 10 ft runs with my PNC-1000.....
and s/l 4.95. when i say PANELING... what should happen is the plotter will cut all that is in the 1st 62.99", then it will just continue to cut what ever is left as a 2nd 62.99" panel....and will cut right to the edge of the panel so you wont know it even did it.

Ian Stewart-Koster

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OP, do you have to actually set the "panel overlap" to be zero, to get it to continue like that, or is it an automatic continuing?