Looking for 12" Roland cam1 cutter.anyone?


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don't believe Roland Made a 12" Camm 1 just a "stika" so you might need to find out for sure that what your actually looking for exists.


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no joke there's a guy with a Camm 1 24" that lives 200yds from me. its stuck inside his garage with about 10,000 worth of vinyl. that he doesnt know what to do with lol. I am getting ready to pay him a visit

all I know is his kid plays with it every once and awhile lol
Roland 24"

I'm in the market for a beginner plotter. I've been looking for good, used, reasonably priced Roland or Graphtec. Give me a model # and a price if you're serious about selling.

Robert M

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15" graphtec

Graphtec now has a 15" table top cutter for 995.00, one year warranty and cutting software. Just like their CE5000, only 15" and no stand.

I have some on order
Robert Maher