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Suggestions Looking for a corner rounder......................


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The one we have here is an 'Imperial'and must be well over 50 years old. It only goes to about 3/8". So, it's old and we need larger from time to time, without hand tooling it.

Suggestions of 1/8" up to about 1/2" or 3/4" for .080 aluminum, 3mm and 6mm pvc and thin styrene. Cor-X would be nice, but not necessary. I did a search here and came up with some ideas, but don't really wanna spend $1,500 on something we don't use all that much.

Any ideas of what kind and where to purchase would be most helpful.

:thankyou: Gino


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I just saw the other thread, almost identical to this one, so I'll follow the posts over in that one.

Andy D

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Gino, this is what we got & it worked great (a little hard to clean out), we could round aluminum up to .125".
It has 1/4", 1/2", 3/4", & 1" radius all in one, you only have to turn the device to change the radius.
You will need to buy your own press, we got a one-ton from Harbor freight for about $60 (don't get the half-ton, it didn't work)
You will also need a sturdy place to bolt down the press and add an extension pipe to the handle.



Edited to add: I can't remember, but it seems like you have to buy the base separately,
you will need to check into that.