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looking for a part....4A

Dave Drane

New Member
Last year my old 4A broke the little belt that turns the blade. It has never given me any trouble so i guess that from lack of use it just got brittle. It is like a tiny plastic chain adhered to a stainless steel cable. I only ever used it for making pounce patterns so I can live without it, but it would just be nice if i could find that spare part and see the old girl going once more. It is like a child to me. i would never sell it. :Australia :thankyou:


Gerber 4A

Silly question but have you tried Spandex in NSW 1800 683 311.

I have a 4A machine and would like to run it on an PC, I understand that you have been able to do this.

I would appreciate help in this regard

GAry WAde:Australia