Looking for Caldera Font


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If anyone has this font can you help by either emailing the font or re-typing the words "RIVER'S EDGE GALLERY" and emailing to me.

Fred Weiss

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As near as I can tell Caldera appears to be a standard for a company of the same name associated with developing open source code for the Linux community.

If you can post a picture of the font, you might be able to get an ID for something that's available to us poor old Windows and Mac users.


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Fred, thanks for the help. I just copied the text and went with that. It looks close and no one will be very close to it. Thanks again.


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Right again Fred! But sucking it out of a Linux system via wabi protocall and converting it to a useable .ttf, .fon, .shx or other font format is unlikely. Your idea to get a sample is probably the quickest way.