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Looking for first vinyl cutter

Whit Evans

New Member
I am looking for my first vinyl cutter. I currently have a screen printing and embroidery business. I am looking to do stickers and other smaller products, nothing larger than the standard real estate sign.
I have talked to the people at Sign Warehouse about their Bobcat package with the LXi Master package. This will cut up to 23". I don't know enough to ask good questions, so any input is welcome.
I saw a post from someone in CA who bought from this same Co and was not happy with the support. What other experiences have people had?

Bill Preston

New Member
No experience with either the company, or their plotter/software.

10 years use and experience with an Ioline 24 inch Classic plotter. So far, it has been as near bulletproof as any I have seen. Also, highly under rated.


bill preston


New Member
Look around this topic has beed discussed alot latley. As far as Signwarehouse there customer service sucks! But i have been happy with the equipment from there I have the Lynx and has had it for alittle over a year now with zero problumes. And am planning on upgrading to a Panther 24" within the next couple weeks since i seen to have my Sales Consultants attention and they are willing to jump trew hoops and offer me a deal i can pass up. So Over all i would say the place is sort of ok.


New Member
I'd stay away... You should be looking for a reliable, name brand cutter like Roland, Graphtec or Summa.
Signwarehouse spends a LOT of money marketing, not necessarily taking care of customers or selling a good product. Don't be impressed by they fancy catalog or heavy marketing, find out about what really matters, there's ways to dig on this forum and others. I'd never make a decission based on marketing hype.
Lot's of folks "got in cheap" with some generic Chinese cutter only to be left high and dry when they needed it to perform. The damage to your reputation of having jobs late because of down equipment will kill you.
I know as well as the next guy about the need to save money. One suggestion, look at Sign Supply of Kentucky. They have a plotter called the DesignTek 60. It is a stripped down Graphtec CE3000-60. Certainly something to consider if you must save money. My advice, get a better cutter than that, maybe even a 30" cutter. In the long run, you will be far ahead.
If you my sole opinion, look at my post, at you MUST do your homework on SignWarehouse's customer support before nuying equipment without anyone to help you, or care about your business. I hear alot of good about SSK I have dealt with Denver Sign Supply (not in Denver Co.) and pretty good luck so far.


New Member
Signwarehouse is clearing out their Graphtec CE3000-60's on ebay. I'm guessing to make room for the -60MK2's. $1250 and then choose some software to get started (Corel Draw 9, 10,... also cheap on ebay). All sales are final for their auctions, but you'd have a 2yr. warranty through Graphtec, as opposed to a one year warranty through ....well- signwarehouse with their Bobcat. Not to mention the difference in the machine...

Just an option.