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Looking for FT employment in Hattiesburg, MS area. 20 yrs exp. in signs and graphics

Andy D

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I recently moved to Hattiesburg, MS and I'm looking to join a winning team in the Sign and/or Digital Graphic industry.

Key Experiences and Qualities:
- 20 years of experience in all aspects of signs and printed graphics; possessing the skills necessary to work directly with customers, determine the best product for their needs, and then price, design, and produce the graphics and/or sign.

- 10 years of experience of shop management, including; supervising employees, maintaining work flow, pricing of signs and graphics, purchasing and maintaining inventory.

- Knowledgeable in all aspects of large and grand format printing, including; maintenance and repair of printers, ripping, creating and maintaining color profiles, with a specialized knowledge of properly printing back-lit graphics.

- Knowledgeable about plot vinyl, vinyl plotters, and sign substrates.

- I am able to create professional drawings/mechanicals to scale and with all of the specs & call outs that are required by city permitting and production.

- I am computer savvy and knowledgeable of many computer programs, including: Corel Draw, Flexisign Pro, Photoshop, Onyx PosterShop, Wasatch, Cyrious, Multicam Icut, Adobe Illustrator

- I am articulate, have excellent written, verbal, analytical, organizational skills, and possess the ability to establish priorities and manage time effectively.
I have developed a strong attention to detail, and am driven by quality results.

Resume', References and Portfolio are available for review.

If you would like to contact me, please message me here or email
me at: AndyDemarest@gmail.com

Thank You!
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Are you posting this to get critiques on what you have thus far ?? Or...... are you applying here at s101 ??


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Yeah, but ya need some money to do that, unless he's been acquiring equipment along the way. If you're not anticipating doing something, ya just can't jump in the deep end. His knowledge and experience will tell him that.

Andy D

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Have you thought about just opening your own shop, you are more than qualified.
I have, and I might end up doing that. I have a pretty good set up for starting a home shop...a large workshop on 20 acres of land.
I know it's hopeful thinking, but I loved where I worked at in Nashville & would rather find a great company like that to work for... and do something else on the side.


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Too bad you didn't move to Virginia

Hahahaaa....... I'm sure he will need more than your $12 or $15 an hour. You're talking about a man with umpteen years of knowledge, know-how and experience. He'll probably pull in $25 easy wherever he goes.

Good luck Andy D. :thumb:


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Before making your move, how much research into job opportunities or existence of the kind of shop you'd like to work at did you do?

You don't have to share all the details of the move, or property but unless you are independently wealthy, either existing or potential job opportunities would seem to be a good thing to explore making such a life altering change.