Looking for new printer at Baltimore Trade show


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I am heading to the Baltimore Trade Show tomorow to look for a new printer, ploter and Lam..... any advice? Have been using a mutoh 1604 for the last few years and am thinking of sticking with Mutoh... also last time i paid cash, this time i am thinking of lease... or financing... anything i should look for or steer away from? ... thanks guys!!!


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As far as leasing vs loan you will get a much better rate getting a conventional loan than what you get in a lease. The leasing person will say its only 7%, but the payments are more like 15% in a conventional loan. It just comes down to what you qualify for. Getting a lease is much easier than getting a loan. We went through all the numbers last year when we bought our machine. We ended up personally financing it because the bank wouldn't lend and we didn't want to pay so much interest on a lease.


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WHY WOULD YOU RENT (LEASE)????If you pay cash you get a better price and have NO payments to worry about.


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WHY WOULD YOU RENT (LEASE)????If you pay cash you get a better price and have NO payments to worry about.

I was wondering that too, especially since the last printer was paid in cash.

Unless you can make the numbers work and put down a lot on it first (>50%), the numbers don't usually make sense in most cases. There are exceptions and I've even heard of a few in recent days, but I just have this mental block I don't like doing that.

I always pay cash for my equipment. You have a better chance at getting a better deal and I don't like the idea of having debt at all.


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I have always paid cash for our equipment. Up until we bought our printer, we leased it. We pre-bought a demo that was getting used at a show. I watched them un-crate and set it up.

The discount on the machine off set the financing and the plus is I can take the full payment of the lease off my taxes. If I would have written a check for it I would have had to depreciate it over 5 years on our taxes. The tax savings for the business over 4 years leaned in favor for leasing over buying. Plus at the end of the lease I can buy the printer if we want for $1500. Also I got to keep $17,000 in my savings just in case we slowed down. Working capital and security made leasing worth it to us.