Looking for older version of Omega...used, of course.

amy s.

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Anybody know where I can get one of the older versions of Omega? Version 1 maybe and how about an LMK card while we're at it for a 4b.


We have 2 licenses for Omega 1.56 that we are no longer using. I think 1 has a usb dongle and the other is a parallel port. Have the manuals, disks and stuff all in a box.
I think I even saw install disks (3.5 inch floppy) in there for GA.

I would have to check with the boss, but it's possible we could part with one.


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I, too, am looking for used, inexpensive Omega software to get my machines active. I had even considered going back to GA, but I don't believe my machine will support it.

Any luck yet Amy S. If your cup runneth over, (with numerous copies of Omega), I'd be happy to take one off your hands.

What's the verdict from your employer, Malkin?

BTW, my name is Ken, new to the community, but a veteran to vinyl. If anyone does have a line on an available used copy of Gerber Omega for sale, please let me know. Thanks, in advance.


Welcome Ken.

1 of our licenses of Omega (CP) is available after all. Feel free to send a PM to discuss.


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I have Version 1.54 with 1.56 upgrade + all manuels. No dongle. . . went bad, that's why I had to upgrade. Gerber does not support its old junk !

Drip Dry

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Not looking to rain on anyone's parade, but, you should be aware of
the limitations for the older software.

Version 1.56 and lower may or may not run on Win XP or higher.

My 1.56 disks had xp stamped on it as a supported operating system.
After about 2 years, it started not being able to find the dongle.
I went through all the fixes. Called Gerber and they refused to support it stating it won't run on XP. They forced me to upgrade to ver 2.0

Another thing is that the newer computers come without a Parallel port. I think you need one for the edge.

So, a suggestion... prepare to use an older computer with a parallel port and load a copy of WIN ME.

Good luck


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Well, thank you Malkin. I will let Amy S. have first dibs since she spoke up first. If you don't hear from her I may be interested if the price is right.

Thanks to everyone for their input. I have heard of issues over the past few years about the compatiblility of XP and the older versions of Omega, which, incidently I wouldn't pay much over $500 for version 1.5-2.0. It's just a gamble with the operating systems. However, so few are willing to sell their 2.5 and 2.6 for under $800, I have to take what I can get, (gamble and all).

James and johnrock15, I may be chatting with you soon, as well. Thanks all.

Fred Weiss

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I can tell you that we ran version 1.5.6 (the highest level before version 2) on two stations with Windows XP Pro as the OS for quite a while with no problems.

As to picking up a version 2.5 or 2.6 for under $800, I can understand your difficulty. That version could be upgraded to version 4 for much less than the $3500 or so the current version sells for including the $800 you feel it is worth.


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Believe you me, Fred. If I was in any financial position to upgrade to 4.0, I wouldn't be whining about anybody's price, but, considering my budget and the economy and everything else that's been playing havoc with my business plan I'm going down Thrifty Road, USA.