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looking for primitive clip art

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I am looking for a place that I might either find clipart or get some ideas.
My customer wants something like this with a landscape type scene, such as water, mountains, sun etc. this will be laser cut metal to be installed in a door at their new home.
Any ideas where to look?


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Clipart.com or do a google/image search and most likely you will have to vectorize from there. You may also send said (image you find that you like) image to The Vector Doctor to see what he would charge to vectorize for you.

Driving Force

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I have tried a google search, but i guess I cant figure out what to search for keywords. I dont want that image, just something in the spirit of that.
just an idea but why not draw something that encompasses all of the design elements that they want in the image (mountain, stream, trees etc). use a broad setting versus a fine setting on your drawing tool in your software so that you get that bold, simplistic look. when done clean up the edges and VOILA bingo bango bongo