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Looking for Skyhook Logo (Vectored)...


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I am looking for the Skyhook logo in vectored format so I can cut new logos for my 65' crane when we repaint in in a couple of days.

I know I can set it up myself, but why if someone allready has it.



Please e-mail it to:



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signman0808 said:
I know I can set it up myself, but why if someone allready has it.
Don't think you get many offers with this statement!!!LOL not to mention its your first post,with out telling the board who and what your about!


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looks pretty tricky
...for a "signman"


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Hello to all...........

Sorry for troubling all of you, It's not about being cheap, or not being able to set it up ourself! (As I said in the original post) But it is a matter of wanting to custom fit to a couple of places on the truck.(Different sizes from the original) and why on earth would I spend time to draw the logo, if someone else has all ready done it!

I thought this site was setup to help out fellow sign people, but ovbviously I was misstaken!

On this site, if you can't help someone, you just trash them!

Just a thought, I'm not reproducing this logo for sale/profit, I am using it to promote the original product it came on... so those of you who are worried about copyright infringement, you have no grounds.

For those who said to get with the manufacturer....
If you used there product, you might know that they were bought out by Manitex cranes awhile back and thus making it hard to find older info. from anyone from the original company.

Man this place is great..... You should all be so proud!

Here's another thought....
If you can't help the person in a post..... Don't respond at all!

I guess I made a wrong choice in joining this site, but that's easy enough to fix!


Fred Weiss

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We help each other out in any number of ways here. File sharing is not one of them.

It's unfortunate that the only use you seem to have for a community like Signs 101 is to ask for a file without any understanding of the community or how it feels about the widespread abuses associated with file sharing. But by all means hurl an insult or two at us on your way out the door.


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You could have had the file constructed and on you crane in the time you have spent "asking for help". The abuse of ( other peoples ) time ( the only commodity in life you can't get back is your time, and my most expensive) and misuse of other people's talent is a No No. It takes away choice. I'm pretty sure you mean well in your request but I respect people who do for themself first.... if you can't ... then ask for help. what's that quote?....."God helps those who help themselves." I don't mean this as being mean ......
The response of "why should I waste my time?" can be answered with "why should we waste ours?". You are just wanting to be lazy, at the expensive of the hard-working members of this forum.

Moreover, if this is your unit, why does it even matter? - so much so that you must act as an ass.

This IS one of the friendliest and most helpful boards in existance. If the "others" are so helpful - what are you doing here?


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Last comment on my way out.....

Just to set the record straight before I go....
Your list members where first to throw the insults, I just don't stand back and take it with out a comment or two.

I have used another board (signweb) for years, and haven't ever been treated this way, this is why I thought it was odd.

I won't bother you anymore!


Just Me
You obviously didn't read any of the posts or even the POLICIES of this site or you would have known the majority feeling on asking for artwork - especially for a newcomer who readily admits he would rather play on the board than do his own work. This is by far one of the best communities on the net and for you to come in our house and ask for artwork because you don't feel like doing the work yourself just kinda' shows that you probably wouldn't have fit in too well anyway.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out...
The logo in question is not much of a logo anyway. If I remember correctly, it is three horizontal stripes...red, white, and blue with the word Skyhook in black all caps written across it in some simple font like Arial Black. If I had an old one to look at I could re-do it on screen in 5 minutes. It's a shame for someone to get off on the wrong foot over a logo that would've taken longer to receive and get it open than it would have to just redraw it.


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As bad as it is been stated on here before many times some can't draw & I find lots of I can do thats in Texas I used to build clocksout of redwood & I had all 50 states & probably at least 50 other shapes I created & cut. within a few months there were several doing the same thing. Most Texas people are notorious for taking Ideas & copying them if you note several web sites selling counterfit decals are in Texas & have been pointed out on this board