Lowballers R US!


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Not much different than sign people trying to be in the business card and web design businesses.

OK, I'll bite. I don't think business cards aren't far off from signs, or any printed promotional items when you have the experience designing them. But web design would be an absolute no no unless you're Dan.


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usually when i get a client who i DESIGN his vehicle/board sign.........I SUGGEST that he let me make up the design for his BUSINESS CARD to match the other visuals for his company. NOW......i dont get into the PRINTING end of em.......i give them art work they can take to a printer...


every ad has "starting at" $x.xx
leads me to believe, they're just advertising a low price. design extra, of course.

Sign-Man Signs

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If they're using Vista Print good luck. They have just changed thier "whole seller" program and now it cost you about $150.00 buck a year. Still same ole chit with them. 250 business card fro FREE! Catch, you get them 21 days later at a freight cost of $14.00 dollars and a $10.00 upgrade if you want gloss. Oh yea, there's a $25.00 dollars upload free for using any picture or design. They are also offering magnetic s and t shirt and banners. At nominal fee of course. They're also running ads on t.v. now. Sorta reminds me of the Cricket Vinyl Cutter. Just wonder how long they'll last.