Magnetic Plotters?


Having never tried this or been approached with the idea, can a plotter cut magnetic material? Also, if so, is my 45 degree blade going to be adequate or should I buy a 60? Do you just look to score the material or completely separate it? I've not delved into thicker materials as of yet. My material is MSI brand and appears to be about .040-.063 thick.

Assuming everything is positive (except the magnetic material:Big Laugh )
do I run the material upside down (black side up) to defeat the magnetism on the plotter, or is this uncharted territory because nobody in their right mind would think of such a cockamamie idea?

Sorry for rambling, just picked up school number 4 for booster club decals and I work alone. Too many late nights, no caffein (won't let me sleep when I do get home) and it makes me more hyper than I already am. (not a pretty site)

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Really depends on the cutter.

As for the actual cut, you'll want to score the material as opposed to cutting all the way through it.

I've heard some people setup a sort of "ramp" using scrap corplast (or something similar) to make sure the mag didn't stick to the front of the cutter. Someone will come along with better insight into this, as I haven't had a chance to cut magnetics at work. :)
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magnetic material is so easy to cut that a cheap Wally World (Wal-Mart) corner round can cut it with ease. I would not run my plotter through the abuse of such. You can possibly score the magnetic with your plotter, but finish the cuts by hand with say a X-Acto knife. I always apply the vinyl first then do the cutting by hand....


can a plotter cut magnetic material
It sure can... I countour / die-cut magnetic on my mimaki cg-75fx after I print it. there is a trick to it my dealer / tech showed me. the cut is made on the front side but not al the way thru. it's really neat. I've even die-cut plastic on the plotter after it's printed.



That's what I'd do as well. I'm just after a nice flowing shape that I know the plotter would do a better job cutting than I would by hand; as opposed to just a rectangle with rounded corners.

Thanks for the input, keep it coming.

You would only need to score through the top coating and partly through the mag.
then just fold the mag (at the cut) and it should fall apart.

You would need a strong plotter and you should help coax it back and forth while cutting.


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Panther does not use metal bearings, If i remember right,,, U could get away with it for a few times. ,, And, the drive motors are not as strong as a high grade cutter. And, the head belt is much lighter, it won't take long to stretch it out of tolerance.



Appreciate your info. Sorry I'm just getting back to you. Pretty busy.
I opted to create the shape I wanted out of vinyl and left the mag square with rounded corners. On a white van, the white mag blends right in, especially with the amount of contrast I've got going with my color scheme.

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