Making Giant Milk Cartons

Andy @ Easy Signs

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Hi Guys,

Thought id show you a project we worked on last year for a milk company that was launching its new packaging in Sydney, Australia.

I put together a video for YouTube showing the process of making them, you can have a look here:

Let me know what you think!


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Very nice work.
Did you have to do anything to the joints where the panels meet up?
I.E. an extra strip of printed vinyl to cover the joints?
(the joints look seamless in the video)
When you put them on the the street did you have to lag or sand bag them down to keep the wind from moving them out into the road?

wayne k
guam usa

Andy @ Easy Signs

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Hi Wayne,

For the sides we printed the vinyl with enough bleed that we could wrap it around the back of the aluminium composite panel (to cover up the black edge). This then lined up with the graphic on the next panel and worked really well. I have attached a close up image to show the joins.

For the top panels we did the same thing however due to all the complex v-grooving and the frames all being slightly different they didnt all line up as well as the sides, but being 3 metres high people can't see the joins very closely at the top so it looked great.

The finished cartons were rather heavy so wind wasnt a problem, however we were leaving them unattended in busy parts of the city for 24 hours at a time (4 different locations all up).

In view of this we built a small door on the back that could be unscrewed, we put 150kg of sand bags in each for some extra weight. (We imagined drunk people walking home from a big night out would have a great time trying to tip them over).

Over the whole campaign only 1 was pushed over and 1 had a little bit of graffiti that we were able to clean up. So overall a success :)

They now live in Moove Milk's head office.


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Thanks for sharing the pics and the video. Great job they look fantastic. Of all items I've seen on the Portfolio Board, this is definitely one of the coolest.


Craig Sjoquist

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nice project ..looks good also . ... did the campaign do the milk company any good just wondering if they said anything about it

Andy @ Easy Signs

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Thanks for the comments guys!

Craig, in regards to the milk company having good results. They ran this along side major TV & Radio Campaigns, they also had people standing next to the giant cartons handing out free milk during the day.

The feedback we received was that they thought they looked great and thought they attracted a lot of attention towards the people handing out the samples. I guess its hard to measure the exact results but they indicated they might look at doing this for another milk brand they own at some time in the future so I guess they decided it was a worthwhile exercise.