material pulling


gerber edge
material is pulling , stretching the pin holes
can't figure out where it is getting held up
cleaned the pins, thought adhesive residue might be the reason


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Is it rolling freely? Try rooling some out so there is no tension on it when it spools. This can be a problem with 50yd rolls.

Fred Weiss

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Three things to look for:

1. Gunk buildup on sprocket pins or holddown bails.
2. Your sprocket that is on slide pins may not be moving freely. This needs to slide without resistence to allow for variation in width.
3. Punching of vinyl may be defective. Is this happening on just one roll? Lay suspect material over a known to be good roll and see if the holes line up.


i cleaned the sprokets
and it happened with multiple rolls of vinyl
(i did have that once where the sprocket holes where off)
thanks for the help


cleaned sprockets , oiled wheels, used canned air blew everything out
and i think we got it
hopefully it was just ssome bad material
thanks for the advice