media initial AFTER print


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Our 1614 seems to be following the path of our 1604, self destruct one week after the warranty expires.

The current dilemma: We fire it up and send a print. It prints the whole file and then attempts to media initial AFTER the print and then the good ol' catch all E074 CR2. Power down, then back up and it cleans, media initial and will run another print. Repeat.

Any ideas? We've already cleaned the T-Fence and encoder strip and replaced the timing belt.


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After it prints, it goes into media initial but it doesn't even sense both sides of the media. It just says media initial and then when the head gets about 4" out of the station, it throws the error code.

If we send two prints, it will try to initial the media after the first print and then throw the error code.

I'll try the sendTCP tomorrow if my guy hasn't already done it.

I'm not pleased that this is stumping you, of all people. Given your wisdom on the subject, that has me a little (more) dejected.


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I have been out of Service for a number of years, so I dont see all the problems anymore.

That being said, my question about sending 2 prints is if you send 2 copies does it error out?

Run the SendTCP and I will chat with Customer Service and see if they have any insight.


To stop your printer from sensing the media after each print job, set slant check to off. Do this and see what happens