Merritt is DA BOMB!


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We've had this on-going PITA saga in the shop trying to do what the customer (an interior designer) wanted - but there were problems at every (and I mean EVERY) turn.

We sent the job to Merritt (who has sworn me to secrecy as to what the actual job was so they never, ever have to deal with anything like it again :smile:) and we just got it back today. Yes - we were the problem job in their shop that everyone knew about!

To say they went above and beyond the call of duty to produce this is a major understatement. Craig Perryman kept us updated... through all the trials and tribulations at their shop (don't even ask). And I can't say enough about how much I appreciated Joseph Merritt assuring me in the beginning that the job would somehow get done - that in itself let me sleep at night... since another major player in the oversize print game held the job before telling us they couldn't (read wouldn't) do it.

Although I'm pretty sure if Joseph had known what was coming... the price would have doubled.

Thanks to EVERYONE in the shop over there!!! We can't thank you enough for producing the unproduceable...


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we have done a bunch of jobs through merritt and always had good results and a few of them were rush jobs and they got them done.
we even had one job that the customer was hounding me and he went up to the merritt shop to pick up and of course they got there early ( i think the customer was the PITA not the job) but everyone at merritt was great and my customer had nothing but good things to say about the whole experience